Jul 262010

This is the new website for Njombe University College (NJOUCO), in Southern Tanzania.

It is under construction – this site AND the University College! – so please return to see how it develops over the next few months and years.

May 282010

Arusha Times article 28th May 2009
by lute wa lutengano

A Cockerel for Njombe University

One Sunday morning, late last year, I was in this church in Samaria village in Njombe district. The Lutheran Church building was full of worshippers from the nearby Ng’anda area, in which Samaria and several other neighbouring villages belong.

The pastor, one Rev. Msigwa, had finished his sermon of the day and was briefing members of the congregation on other matters of community interest and importance. Like many other village priests in various parts of Tanzania, Msigwa, was also a community leader in many other aspects affecting the community including health, agriculture and education.

Today he was explaining to the Ng’andaians the importance of the proposed Njombe University College, which…

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Aug 212009

Arusha Times article – 21st Aug 2009

Makumira University becomes main Tumaini campus

As Arusha assists in formation of new Njombe University

Makumira University College will now serve as the main campus for the countrywide Tumaini University colleges, it was revealed here last week.

Visiting lecturer and former tutor at the Usa-River based higher learning institution; Dr. Lechion Peter Kimilike stated that the Evangelical Lutheran Church has chosen Makumira University to be the central college for the Tumaini academic institutions.

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Jul 312009

Arusha Times article 31st July 2009

Njombe University College talks set for Arusha

The Project Coordinator of the proposed Njombe University College (NJOUCO), Rev. Dr. Lechion Peter Kimilike will on Wednesday 5 August 2009 brief members of the Association of Residents of Arusha who hail from Njombe (UNJOA) and other interested stakeholders on latest developments towards establishing the College which is scheduled to begin enrolling students in September this year.

The Chairman of UNJOA, Danford Mpumilwa said Dr. Kimilike who will be in Arusha on a working visit will talk in detail on the progress of the College which will be part of the Tumaini University College of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT). The meeting will take place at the Tausi Hall of the Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC) beginning 4:00 p.m.

According to Mpumilwa, the College will begin with an intake of 150 students at its Kidugala College of Education which will be…

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Mar 272009

Arusha Times article 27th March 2009
by lute wa lutengano

ELCT’s Njombe University Meeting for April

The 7th Preparatory Session for the establishment of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) Njombe University College (NJOUCO) is scheduled to take place on Saturday 11 April 2009 at the Njombe town Lutheran Centre.

According to the NJOUCO Project Cordinator Rev. Dr. Lechion Peter Kimilike the meeting is going to evaluate the progress made so far in establishing the University which is scheduled to begin taking in students late next year. All interested individuals, institutions, companies and organisations have been invited to attend the meeting.

Dr. Kimilike, writing in the project’s monthly publication “Mwema Njoo Uone”, revealed that contributions by residents of the ELCT Southern Diocese from Chimala, Mufindi, Kigugala, Ilembula, Mafinga, Lupembe, Makambako, Imalinyi and Njombe town itself were already flowing in.

He added that pledges from other areas in the Diocese were also being received and urged residents, friends and other stake holders in the area to come forth in support of this important project. Presently leaders of the Diocese are touring various parts of the Diocese to sensitise the communities for more support and contributions.

Dr. Kimilike revealed that a total of 1,250 acres of land have already been secured at Magoda near Njombe town to host the main campus. Ilembula, Mafinga and Kidugala have been designated to host schools affiliated to the NJOUCO. For more information please contact us.

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